Snow White and the 7 Zombies: The Adult Panto

Snow White and the 7 Zombies: The Adult Panto by Adrian Scanlan 2012
5 December 2012 – 5 January 2013

Snow White & The 7 Zombies is good, clean fun! Oh no, it isn’t! Hilarity reigns supreme in the adult themed Snow White at The Spailpín Fánach, Cork. This racy approach to the timeless tale of a heroic girl and an evil villain offers a breath of fresh air that is sure to entertain and offend in equal amounts.

Snow White is the coolest Goth chick in the land. But this could be dangerous when it starts making her enemies… enemies who are jealous because they want that title. Enemies like Vomitmore, the most evil, depraved villain who ever lived and who can turn people into zombies with his soul-suckingly bad music!

If you seek a deliciously inventive and saucy retelling that lets you swap recession woes for tears of laughter, then Snow White & The 7 Zombies may be right up your street. Will you regret it? Oh no you won’t!