Pinocchio Gets Bigger (2013)

Pinocchio Gets Bigger by Adrian Scanlan
4 December 2013 – 11 January 2014

Pinocchio is all grown up, and it’s not his nose that gets bigger any more… His creator Geppetto has crafted a special friend for him (wink wink). You guessed it! This is no ordinary fairytale: throw in an unlikely princess who’s a bit too fond of a good time, her mother who has a penchant for killing people and a handmaiden with a saucy secret talent and anything is possible. More hilarious than ever before (if that’s possible), this year’s adult panto will leave you flat on your back, gasping, and screaming for more!

So if what you seek this silly season is a deliciously inventive and naughty retelling of a classic fairytale that lets you swap recession woes for tears of laughter, then “Pinocchio Gets Bigger” will be right up your street. Will you regret it? Oh no you won’t!

“Theatre of the week…” Cork Independent