Little Red Raving Mad: The Adult Panto (2014)

Little Red Raving Mad: The Adult Panto by Adrian Scanlan (2014)

Venturing into a Dragons Den can be dangerous at the best of times. But when you have to navigate through monster filled woods to get there and your only companion is a wolf on community service, you can be sure things won’t go to plan. Add a Power Hungry Piggy, a chainsaw wielding, homicidal side-kick, and a granny concerned with how “big” you are and you’re in for a yet another, frantically entertaining night out.

More hilarious than ever before (if that’s possible), this year’s adult panto will leave you bent over and sore from laughing. Will you regret coming to Little Red Raving Mad? Oh no you won’t.

“A five star pantomime.. It’s downright hilarious from beginning to end.”

“Absolutely hysterical with side-splitting performances.”