Hysterical Histories


Chattyboo Productions and An Spailpin Fanach present Hysterical Histories!

Hysterical Histories a unique DINNER THEATRE experience that is suitable for ages 5 and up. Set in an 18th century tavern you will be treated to three sumptuous courses of traditional fare, while being whisked through time on a highly entertaining, and explosive journey through Cork City’s riotous History. Join the owners of this famous tavern as they share through song and storytelling the true stories of some of Cork’s most infamous characters, from the hilarious to the hideous, the good to the gruesome and from the rebellious to the rip roaringly funny, this is an adventure you will never forget.

What our audiences think:

“It’s fast, witty and sharp. Incredible entertainment!”

“It is an absolute must see and should not be missed!”

“A truly fantastic night out.”


Upstairs at An Spailpin Fanach, South Main St, Cork.
6.15pm Tues, Wed, Thurs nights July 31st – Aug 23rd

Tickets, including dinner:

Vegan/Vegetarian options available. Pre- booking essential.
Venue is not wheelchair accessible.
Running time 2 hrs


Roasted Bell Pepper & Mushroom Soup
Served with chopped spinach chives & creme fresh.

Traditional Lamb stew chunky vegetables fresh herbs slowly cooked lamb
and baskets of sour dough loaf.

Kitty Barry’s Apple Crumble
Warm custard fresh cream.

Vegan and vegetarian option:

Roasted Bell Pepper & Mushroom Soup
Served with chopped spinach chives

Roast Vegetable stockpot
Selection of season Vegetables,,nuts, Fresh basil cooked in a hot
skillet pot with coconut milk fresh vine tomato pesto curried fruit.

Kitty Barry’s Vegan Apple Crumble