Hansel and Gretel

Hansel & Gretel Adult Panto

“It’s a BIG ONE folks” (that’s what she said)

CHATTYBOO PRODUCTIONS celebrate 10 YEARS of Adult Panto awesomeness this year.

Have we been, tickling your fancy for years? nudge nudge. Have you been, coming, since ’08? Wink wink. Have we been, arousing, your curiosity since the start? nudge nudge again. Well this year will be no different, as we bring you…

HANSEL AND GRETEL (the Adult Panto) the funniest and filthiest ADULT PANTO yet.

Hansel and Gretel are alone in the woods, in fact so is Mother Goose, The Fairy Godmother and a whole gaggle of other fantasyland characters. Everyone is dazed, lost and confused. (Just like your average Saturday night out in cork city really) In fact you could say there’s “PANTO”monium. Will everyone make it back to where they’re supposed to be? Will everything work out in the end? (I mean probably not like, it is the Adult Panto). But come and see for yourselves

“Best laugh I’ve had all year”

“A truly fantastic and alternative night out …”

“..side-splitting performances..”

“Absolutely Hilarious..”